Saturday, June 7, 2008

Psychic Abilities and Being Under Psychic Attack

Did you know that we all have psychic abilities? It’s true. Every one of us is psychic. Only a few of us, however, have bothered to tap into and develop those abilities. All Pagans are psychic. Some of them can remember being psychic as children, while others realized their psychic powers soon after embarking on their personal spiritual journey.

Being in touch with your psychic abilities isn’t only a wonderful way to impress your friends, it’s also a great way to gain respect in the eyes of your Pagan peers. Many of them will be much more powerful than you, however, so be prepared for people to look down their noses at you and call your powers “cute”. Don’t be afraid to embellish your accomplishments slightly, but only slightly. They can read your mind, you know…

Being psychic has some disadvantages. For one thing, a lot of psychics were tortured and murdered during The Burning Times, or so many people believe. Also, there is a chance that some of your friends will be jealous and start to resent your gift(not that you would use it to show off, of course!). But, most important is the chance that one day you will come under PSYCHIC ATTACK. The very name strikes terror into your heart, doesn’t it? Attack in a form that you cannot see or hear, attack that can happen at any time.

A psychic attack is defined as the manipulation of supernatural energies and forces. These energies are sent from one individual to another, creating disturbances in the energy fields and physical body of the person who is being attacked. This energy is sometimes called a spirit, demon, entity, or negative thought form.

Psychic attack is often the mark of a new Pagan. Many new Pagans are constantly under psychic attack, especially by people with whom they are arguing. During the attack, the victim is usually able to catch a glimpse into the mind of the attack and see just how evil s/he really is. This is especially helpful if said person has a higher position or is more important in the coven than you. It is also a really great way to get attention, and some people seem to relish the idea of being under psychic attack. In fact, it’s all they can talk about.

Some Pagans, however, are on the other side of the fence. They firmly believe that they are capable of summoning entities and sending them out to psychically attack (or counter-attack) their enemies. It is amazing how many people have the ability to send out demons or animals or some other entity to their enemies.

The internet is full of websites made by people who claim to have summoned demons and sent them forth to attack those who pissed them off. Aleister Crowley was one who claimed to send demons and the like to attack enemies. He was later believe to be full of shit.

So, if you experience what you believe to be more than your fair share of flat tires, broken heels, snagged stockings, or if you lose your keys or the cleaners can’t get the Frappuccino stain out of your jacket, are you under psychic attack? No. If your house burns down, your spouse leaves you, someone steals your identity, and your cat develops chronic diarrhea, are you under psychic attack? Well, maybe if all that shit happens to you…but probably not. But chances are you aren’t. Even if people can send enough negative, hateful energy to someone to actually effect them, most people don’t have that kind of time or motivation.

So if you are extremely desperate for attention, you can chalk things up to psychic attack. Just be sure you accuse the right person. Also, if you you still insist that you are under psychic attack, I suggest you find some information on shielding, unless of course you’re the aforementioned person. The internet is full of websites that contain information on shielding. Just remember that the internet is also full of people who want to sell you crystals, charms, candles, oils and various other bits and pieces, not because they want to help you, but because they need to make money, but that’s another entry. Whatever you find, your belief in it is what is going to make it succeed or fail.

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