Saturday, June 7, 2008


Pagan folk love fairies, or, as many of them will correct you, “faeries”. Go to a Faery Festival, fantasy convention, or anywhere Brian Froud is expected, and chances are many of the people there will be Pagan.

Why the fascination with these mythical creatures? Well, first of all, some Pagans will insist that faeries are just as real as you or I. In fact, they probably know a few! The Faery Wicca tradition seems to be gaining popularity, although what all this entails your author is not 100% certain. Having very little interest in faeries myself, I have not checked out all of the faery-related traditions.

I will say, however, that I used to have a Faery Wicca tarot book and deck set. The cards were illustrated in dark reds and lush greens, and came complete with Gaelic names most people cannot pronounce. These cards, then, contained several elements that many Pagans find irresistable.

Many Pagans will decorate their cars, homes, clothing and bodies with representation of these tiny winged beings. Some people even build special faery houses to attract more of the fae (or, if you really awnt to show off your knowledge of Gaelic, ’sidhe’). Amy Brown and Brian Froud are two artists who are currently making a killing from this trend, selling thousands of books, figurines, t-shirts, and other assorted merchandise. Kudos to them!

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