Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celtic Designs

Pagans love Celtic designs - knotwork, stylized designs of real or fantasy animals, you name it. They adorn their bodies with Celtic crosses, pentacles surrounded by knotwork, triskeles, and any number of other designs. If you go to a festival you will be sure to see numerous vendors all selling giant bedspreads/sarongs/altar cloths with fanciful Celtic designs. You will also see a plethora of necklaces, earrings, t-shirt, purses, rings, bracelets, skirts, etc., all covered in these designs.

Many Pagans embrace their Irish and Scottish heritage (both real and imagined) and seek a way of showing the world, ‘Hey, I’m a real Celt here! See my cloak?’

If you’re going to be attending your first open circle or ritual or first Witches MeetUp, wearing a simple t-shirt with a Celtic design (bonus if the shirt also features dragons or other mythical critter), or perhaps just a necklace will be enough to help your new friends identify you. Then the next time you meet, you can show off the floor-length rayon cloak you got from MysticMoons, Inc. for $29.95.


Clone said...

i have a question about the cloak pictured: where do i get this from? i've searched for mysticmoons, inc using google and found nothing. thank you for your help if you can, and if not thank you anyway because that thing is BEAUTIFUL.

kynth said...

"Irish and Scottish heritage"
What about Brittany, Cornish, Welsh and (at a push) Manx?